Zest Coriander & Basil with Hazelnuts and Cashew


Zest Coriander & Basil Pesto for Vegans

  • VEGAN: we only use the leaf of the coriander & basil plants. We don’t use cheese or any other animal products but we do use cashew nuts for that creamy flavour!
  • GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE: so you don’t even need to read the back of pack to enjoy your Zest Life!
  • OUR JARS ARE FULLY RECYCLABLE: just pop them in your local recycling bin

PLANT-BASED SAUCES with NOTHING to HIDE: we’re proud of everything that goes into our Zest range. We focus on what our jar is full of, not free from! Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians with nothing to hide!

Our Coriander & Basil Pesto is light, fresh and tasty! It can Zest up your pasta, your veggies, your wraps, your salads, your spuds…or you could just dunk a tortilla chip in it and you’ve got yourself a tasty dip! Live your Zest Life.



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